Howdy Neighbor Night! Saturday, March 21, 6pm

This Saturday at 6pm, to soften the effects of social distancing, let's all come outside, each on our own porch, balcony or front yard. Waive to neighbors. Make noise. Sing. Play a musical instrument including that long ignored horn. Maybe at 6:10 everybody plays the same song. Suggest a song for all or just for your block.

Howdy Neighbor Night is proposed by Raleigh Village East as a way to help all ages reconnect with our neighbors and celebrate the vital, vibrant urban village that we share in our downtown east neighborhoods. Helping all ages in turn helps older neighbors age in their own homes which is the goal of Raleigh Village East, a non-profit organization formed by volunteers in the Mordecai, Oakdale, Oakwood, Pilot Mill, and adjacent communities. -From the RVE Board