RVE is Helping Neighbors

Raleigh Village East is Offering a Temporary Delivery Service To Help During the Pandemic

To communicate with us about this delivery service—either to request a delivery volunteer or to be a volunteer or for help in setting up ordering groceries on line, please send a message to this email: raleighvillageeast@gmail.com

Need Volunteer Help for Pick-up and Deliveries?

▶ First, send a message to raleighvillageeast@gmail.com and tell us what you need:

• Groceries delivered, Rx picked up (if your pharmacy doesn’t offer free delivery), other items from a drug store such as Tylenol, or a book from the library.

• Tell us when you need the delivery (it will take at least 24 hours to connect you with a volunteer), where you live, and how you want to handle payment for your order (see below).

• Please don’t ask a volunteer to pay for any of your order and don’t offer to tip the volunteer.

Note: This service is limited to needs listed below but available to all who need it during the pandemic. The experience gained by Raleigh Village East and by the volunteers in meeting the immediate needs of our village will help shape the future services and programs that will be developed over the coming year.

For Groceries:

▶An easy solution is to order through Harris Teeter’s ExpressLane service as it is supported by a Personal Shopper at the store. We will pick up at the Cameron Village Harris Teeter.

Note: Wegmans also offers a free shopping service. We will provide Wegmans directions in another post. If you'd like to place an order there, that is also a pickup option. https://shop.wegmans.com/

Harris Teeter Directions:

• Go to www.harristeeter.com and click on “Store Directory.” On the left side, enter your zip code and select the Cameron Village store.

• Select “Order Online,” then from the dropdown menu choose “Order Groceries.” (If you need help, see if a neighbor or family member can walk you through the process of signing up, making the selections, and paying with a credit card.) There is a $4.95 charge per order for their shopping service.

• You will give a time to have your order ready (HT needs at least 4 hours, sometimes more these days due to a high volume of users of the service) so plan ahead with the volunteer who will be doing the pick-up. The HT Personal Shopper will call you if there’s an out of stock situation or a need to make a substitution.

• Don’t want to order online? You’ll need to make a very clear list and have the cash or a check with which to pay the volunteer when groceries are delivered.

• Be aware that some items are not currently available in stores—hand sanitizers, alcohol, disinfectant wipes, liquid soap pumps...even toilet paper.

▶ Remember that your volunteer can only bring deliveries to the door. They cannot come into the house and put your groceries away as they do not have liability insurance for that.

For Pharmacy:

▶Talk with your pharmacy, be sure your Rx is ready, and ask if you can pay by card over the

phone. Some may offer free delivery so be sure to ask and take advantage of that.

For Library Books:

▶Log into your account with your library card.

• Search the database for your book, and then place a hold on it. If any of this is difficult,

call the Cameron Village Library and ask for assistance (be sure to have your card # in hand).

• Tell the volunteer who will be picking up the book the name of the book, that it is on hold for you, and your card # (the library will not let a book on hold be checked out to another account).

• Try to return the book by a neighbor who is going to Cameron Village.