Video: "Aging in Place,Aging in Community: Stories, Tools, and Resources"

We are so pleased to offer this video of Liisa Ogburn’s September 16 Zoom presentation “Aging in Place, Aging in Community: Stories, Tools, and Resources.”

Liisa, a resident of Oakwood, is an elder consultant (Aging Advisors NC) and a blogger for WRAL on aging issues. She was scheduled to give this talk at our first public meeting of Raleigh Village East, set for March 15. That date tells you what happened to our meeting, and now we are looking for ways to move forward, starting with introducing our neighborhoods to the concept of an aging in place village, on the Beacon Hill model. Here Liisa introduces many of the issues and concerns of people as they plan for how and where they will age. Her emphasis on community is at the heart of what we are trying to create, a multi-age community of neighbors who want to keep the traditional model of children and elders living together and enriching each other’s lives, rather than isolating seniors into institutions or separate housing areas. For more information on our village, please send an email to raleighvillageeast@gmail.com.