Welcome Deborah Owens!

Deborah Owens comes to Raleigh Village East as our first CEO.

A little more about her:

Deborah moved to Historic Oakwood in 1982 after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill.

She spent twenty years with the UN in Europe, Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, the NY Headquarters and D.C.

She helped implement the Affordable Care Act and has worked with several health related non-profits and foundations in Wake county and statewide.

Deborah helped Raleigh Village East with accessing COVID vaccines for the people in its geographic boundaries, and spearheads the effort to do the same in marginalized communities.

She believes that helping seniors “age in place” in a place and with those of their choosing is the next big social frontier and looks forward to being part of the Village movement.

To get in touch, you can email Deborah at deborah@raleighvillageeast.org