We are now identifying the services that Raleigh Village East will facilitate and/or provide. Earlier this year we conducted a survey to get feedback on the needs and interests of persons 55 and older in our target area. Several task groups, made up of residents of our various neighborhoods, are working to determine what services are now available to us and what other services are needed. 

The following task groups, with their chairs, reflect the kinds of services we want to help our members secure. Each group will 1) gather information about the services available in our area, 2) locate and vet vendors, some of whom will give reduced rates to our members, and 3) train volunteers to help with services such as transportation.

  1. Transportation and Assistance with Trips Out    -Julie Snee  

  2. Health Care Home Services   -Sabra Taylor

  3. Non-health Services to Home (e.g., food, home repair)   -Deborah Owens   

  4. Pet Care and Needs  -Susan Bray 

  5. Technology and Computer/Phone Assistance  -Open

  6. Yard and Garden Maintenance  -Terry Harper

  7. Social, Physical, and Educational Activities  -Cari Sipe Owens

  8. Money Management and Avoiding Fraud  -Jim Johnson


We need more members for the task groups, so go to the Contact page and let us know what you are interested in doing to help build our village.


The Board of Directors (see list on About page), made up of residents of the neighborhoods, is working on plans for the kind of membership(s we will make available and the services, both paid and free, we will offer to members.

We have joined Helpful Village and will be using their services to help contact and organize members and volunteers.  Visit our Helpful Village site here: https://raleigheast.helpfulvillage.com/


Join our diverse and welcoming group and experience what it means to be a "villager"!

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Our organization offers an array of volunteer opportunities on a flexible schedule.

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RVE is a nonprofit organization founded to help our members age in place.

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RVE plans activities for the village. Check out our upcoming events!

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